What is the Function

Jay Shoup (jashoup@indiana.edu)
Tue, 21 May 1996 07:42:58 +5000

Can the owner of this list please tell me what the function of this
list is?

Someone said the conversation we were having about CU and recording,
IE Wiretaping, was off topic...

Please specify the EXACT topic and limits of this list, i for one do
not think it was "off-topic".

If your not the list owner, do not bother telling me, i want this
from the horses mouth....

Don't be a stranger, if you do I can't get in the car with you...
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The 'Murphy Factor'.

The law states, "The statistical probability for a successful
presentation of a concept or idea seeking general acceptance
is inversely proportional to the number of observers observing
an experiment or project multiplied by a factor of (.5)".