Re: wire tapping

Alex Watson (
Tue, 21 May 1996 08:02:57 -0500 (CDT)

Speaking of wire tapping, and violations of privacy using video cameras, I
would like to flip it around. Do users on the internet have the right to
remain anonymous? The so called "flashers" that expose themselves on
public reflectors are committing indecent exposure, but can they be

Anyone can write down the IP address of the person committing
the crime, use "whois" or "traceroute" to find the ISP of the offender, and
send the captured pic to their ISP. (ISP has IP-to-User logs.)

So! Can ISP's monitor customers just as 7'elevens can w/ cameras? And if
a crime is committed using their facilities can action be taken?

> Perhaps it was an error on my part to use the term "digital" metaphorically. To be more
> precise, anyone who goes out on an unsecured reflector, open to all comers and therefore what
> one could fairly easily classify as a Designated Public Forum, one should be prepared to accept
> that as such, they are subject to the same providences and pitfalls as they are when they are
> in a town square, a public park, or walking on the sidewalk.