cu-seeme & freevue in background

David Benjamin (
Tue, 21 May 1996 11:22:54 -0400

Can anyone explain why Cu-SeeMe dogs my machine out, while Freevue
doesn't appear to slow my machine much at all?

When I run Cornell Cu-SeeMe or White Pine Cu-SeeMe on my machine,
I find that all other work is clogged. Prompts and context switches
are slow, typing rates reduced, compiles lag. The machine is seriously
loaded by the effort of just connecting to a reflector, even with no
other participants.

I assumed this was just inherent with the nature of videoconf software
until I tried out Freevue and found that it ran great in the background
with no detectable machine loading, even with several participants.

I have not checked out how Cinecom or VDOphone do on machine loading yet.

I would prefer to use Cu-SeeMe over Freevue because a local server is
more secure and, well, it gets a bit tiring having naked hairy men
continually popping up in the middle of design discussions...

Is there some way of configur CuSeeMe to make it as "light" as FreeVue?

Here are my particulars:

apps: Cornell Cu-SeeMe WO.84, White Pine Cu-SeeMe 2.01, FreeVue 1.04
os: MS Windows 95
hw: Pentium, 90Mhz, 32Mb RAM, Connectix QuickCam, connect via LAN & dialup

Any helpful discussion appreciated!

Dave Benjamin