Re: Win95/PPP and cuseeme

Bill Hershey (
Tue, 21 May 1996 09:54:20 -0700

>I tried to get cuseeme to work using Microsoft's dial-up networking PPP on
>a PC running Win 95. I dial-in to an annex, and on another PC using WFW
>3.11 and Trumpet Winsock, I have no problem running cuseeme.
>On Win95, when cuseeme starts it immediately gives me a "Hm, there may be a
>problem" dialog with no error message. When I ok that box, I get two
>successive "invalid handle" errors. Cuseeme then throws up a local video
>window (I am configured without a video camera !), and if I try to close
>the window I get the message "the local video window likes to stay open".
>Any suggestions?
>(Sorry if this is a known problem--I tried to search archives but found
>nothing related to this problem).

It's not really a problem, cuseeme is trying to find the camera and it's not
there. Did you have a camera on 3.11? If you install the software that comes
with the connectix quickcam, it set's up the camera as the primary video
source in your system.ini file. Edit you system.ini file ( it's in /windows
) and fine the line thats looks like MSVIDEO=quickcam.drv and put a ; in
front of it, so the line now looks like:


This will comment out the line. Now when you start cuseeme, it will not try
and find the camera as a video source, which you say is not present. If you
latter install the camera, just remove the ; . As far as the "local video
window likes to stay open, it does, you can drop it to an icon, but not
close it. However with this change to your system.ini, it will not open,
because now the system knows you don't have a camera. You may want to get
cudoodle if you dont have a camera. If you use cudoodle, you'll need to
change your system.ini again, this
time to MSVIDEO=cudoodle.dll .

You can obtian cudoodle from:

Bill Hershey

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