Re: wire tapping

Jay Shoup (
Tue, 21 May 1996 15:26:10 +5000

So, let see, you think the phone company should be allowed to
'listen' into your calls to see if your doing anything illegal?

And by the way, anonymous phone calls are legal, so long as they are
not harassing or annoying. At least I can find no reference to
'anonymous' phone calls in the regs....I do find harassment and
annoyance however...


> Speaking of wire tapping, and violations of privacy using video cameras, I
> would like to flip it around. Do users on the internet have the right to
> remain anonymous? The so called "flashers" that expose themselves on
> public reflectors are committing indecent exposure, but can they be
> prosecuted?
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The 'Murphy Factor'.

The law states, "The statistical probability for a successful
presentation of a concept or idea seeking general acceptance
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