Need recommendation for video capture

Lucie Podd (
Wed, 22 May 1996 11:30:01 -0400

I am teaching an "Electronic Publishing" high school class. Have been using
Quick Cam and SNAPPY successfully. We want to buy video capture card to
add to our IBM so that we can capture MOVING video and add video to our
presentation. Working on a SCHOOL budget. Don't need high END stuff. Just
something that works smoothly and has tech support available if things don't
work. Something that will give kids the experience, yet economical and
reliable. Using IBM compatbile with Windows 95 and/or Windows 3.1. Also,
plan to use with CU-SEE Me. Any recommendations before I go out and blindly
purchase something. Would also like to hear from any other high school
teachers to do some possible collaboration using Cu-See ME.

Lucie Podd