CU-see me,flexcam, 7600/120 av..HELP!

Luis C Martinez (
Wed, 22 May 1996 15:31:30 -0600

Hi all, thanks for looking. I am in need of some suggestions. I have

Computer Model/Name/Speed : Macintosh PPC 7600/120 AV 48 RAM
Operating System (version) : MacOS 7.5.3
Make/Model/Cost of video card : Builtin
Make/Model/Cost of audio card : Apple built-in sound
Make/Model/Cost of camera : VideoLabs FlexCam Pro - $600.
Make/Model/Cost of microphone : Flexcams own
Version of CU-SeeMe used : Enhanced 2.0.0b2
Name/version of TCP/IP driver : TCP/IP v1.1
Type of Internet connection : Ethernet

My problem.. when I start CU-See me, I get an snippeted version of
As if I dont have a camera. It shows NO VIDEO..
My Flexcam works with the AppleVideo and with BeingThere apps.
But it doesnt work in Enhanced CU-SeeMe.
I look in the video/audio preferences and notice that the digitizer
<not available> so I go and change it to Built in and pull-down the
s-video option, then I go the the colors section and choose video.
I restart CU-see me and nothing... same thing, I am still a lurker.
And when I check those options it doesnt acknowledge my previious
Ok so I try Cornell's PPC cu-seeme version.. in there I cant even go
change the options since the video part is greyed out!
Any suggestions?