Linux reflector stability?

Dennis J. Streveler (
Wed, 22 May 1996 14:11:45 -0700

Hello friends,

I've been experimenting with setting up a dedicated CU reflector for the
purpose of discussing and experimenting with Telemedicine applications. I
will publicize this reflector once we can release it for real use.

In the meantime, the ISP which I am working with (The Net Group, Inc. San
Mateo, California) has been attempting to bring up the Linux version of the
CU reflector. However, so far we have had mixed results.

I am sorry that I cannot give specific debug information other than we have
gotten rather indefinite error log messages, and general crashes and hangs
so far.

Could someone briefly outline the reflector versions which are available,
how "stable" each version is. It is important that we can just start the
reflector and forget about it. Is this a realistic expectation?


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