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Jay Shoup (
Wed, 22 May 1996 22:10:26 +5000

I had a similar problem when i first purchased my Q-Cam. It looked
like sparkle, but, suprisingly it was some type of contamintation on
the lens. I cleaned it with a good quality lens cleaner and problem
went away. Sounds silly i know, but thats the truth....

> I have a problem that I hope somebody will be able to help me with. First my
> hardware and OS. I am using on this machine windows 95, 486DX-2 66 16 meg Ram,
> Diamond Video (1meg) and using the QuickCam. The trouble is "Sparkle", Yes
> Sparkle, I get sparkle in my video that I send and locally. It appears to be at
> the pixel level, the sparkle is light on dark and dark on light giving a salt
> and pepper appearance to the video. Has anyone had that problem, can anyone
> help me???
> Thanks in advance..
> LL
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