Dana Mulvany (
Wed, 22 May 1996 23:13:08 -0700

1. There are several video/tv cards with support for
closed-captioning: the Reveal TV500, the Mitsumi PCTV board, and the
Tekram M200 TV Capture Board. (Does anyone know of any other with
captioning support?)

2. Simultaneous broadcast of video and closed-captioning captured
to disk could potentially aid people in finding desired sections of
the video by a text search.

3. Deaf and hard of hearing people would of course love to be able
to understand audio transmissions, as well as those individuals with
slow transmission speeds and/or no sound boards.

4. Government-sponsored transmissions should be communicatively
accessible to the public and may already be using real-time
captioning but software such as CUSeeMe may not allow integration of
real-time captioning with the video.

5. If the developers of CUSeeMe monitor this list, may I therefore
suggest that they consider building in support for the use of

("If you build it, they will come." Or...."Which comes first, the
chicken or the egg?")

Dana Mulvany
Campbell CA (near San Jose)

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