No recognition.

Graeme (
Thu, 23 May 1996 08:35:57 +2

Hi all on the list,

Having downloaded the enhanced version, (well worth it) I have
succesfully demonstrated live NASA TV.

Now, I have a video card made by Aims Laboratory and an SB 16 sound card,
when I start CU it tells me it can't recognise my video device and I
will not be able to send video. Is this the end for me as an
unrecognised device or are there things I can do to make it see the
video card ? I have heard of CU doodle, will this help ? Are there
any adresses I can change (hex) to make the software see the card ?

I hope there is something I can do coz I am severly impressed with
what I've seen and want MORE !!!

For info sake, I have 33600 modem (never conects higher than 28800
even though my ISP says it should !) which delivers between 21 and 46
kbs/sec to 486 DX 4/100, 8 meg RAM 1.3 gig hard dve.

Any help appreciated.

de Graeme James.