Re: 28.8

Michael C. Stephenson (
Thu, 23 May 96 08:11:16 -0600

On 5/23/96 at 7:08, wrote:

e> i just purchase a robotics 28.8 with fax and I'm using a mac 636cd
e> performa. just as i installed the 28.8 my mac is freezing. i found out
e> that i was the fax manager extentsion. why would that make my mac freeze?
e> is there a upgrade or something to fix this.

TOO BAD ou bought a USR modem this modem has had its firmware change so it has
A RECURRING problem with dropping out like you are
yourself a lot of trouble if you bought it with a credit card try and return
it if not return it to USR for repair. They will act like they are surprised
your having a problem....this is a bad company.

- via BulkRate Michael in beautiful Boulder, Colorado