RE: "Salt & Pepper Sparkle" on the QuickCAM?

Gary Melander (
Thu, 23 May 1996 12:50:06 -0500 (CDT)

Hello, people.

I have a 28.800 dialup PPP. Soundblaster AWE-32, 66 Mhz pc running win 3.x
In the ini file my MIN is 5 and my MAX is 10.

When I get CUSEEME to work at ALL, I notice some people are using Ver 2.01
for PC. Is that White Pine's version? is it downloadable? I have ver
W0.84b7 and I really can't tell if the problems I'm having are software or
config. Basically, all I get is checkerboard video (grey squares in the
images) and no sound.

By the way, the images seem to improve a little if I "Kick" the screen's
output by maximizing and then minimizing any underlying windows. Otherwise,
the video wont update at all.

One more thing. The "Reset" button on the users windows.... Thats one of
those little "Fischer-Price" buttons, right? Its not supposed to do anything?

Frustrated but grateful,