Mac video needs a Bill Woodland

Kurt Wanfried (
Fri, 24 May 1996 04:20:19 -0400

Bill -

I've been monitoring the CU-SeeMe mail list for a few weeks and must
compliment Bill Woodland for the patient service he's providing to PC

In the short time I've been on (and the archives I've searched) I've seen
him answer the same PC questions over and over.

There are some Mac questions that keep cropping up - the most consistent
one centers on Macs with built-in video consistently freezing after
operating fine for a short time.

Nobody ever answers this question.

Doesn't anyone from Cornell or White Pine care?

I know that the Mac software is still beta, but it sure would make a lot of
people feel good to hear that this problem is recognized and is being
addressed. The fact that it will operate fine for up to 15 minutes before
freezing would make it seem that the solution is within reach.

With Netscape's purchase of the videoconferencing company InSoft, White
Pine can expect a strong challenger to hit the 'Net soon.

Mac may be the No. 2 operating system, however there are still millions of
users in homes and schools all around the world and any company that wants
to become the Internet standard writes us off at its own peril.

- Kurt

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