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Daniel W. Erskine (
Fri, 24 May 1996 09:41:03 -0600

Kurt Wanfried wrote:
> I've been monitoring the CU-SeeMe mail list for a few weeks and must
> compliment Bill Woodland for the patient service he's providing to PC
> users.

> In the short time I've been on (and the archives I've searched) I've seen
> him answer the same PC questions over and over.
> There are some Mac questions that keep cropping up - the most consistent
> one centers on Macs with built-in video consistently freezing after
> operating fine for a short time.
> Nobody ever answers this question. Doesn't anyone from Cornell or White Pine care?
> I know that the Mac software is still beta, but it sure would make a lot of
> people feel good to hear that this problem is recognized and is being
> addressed. The fact that it will operate fine for up to 15 minutes before
> freezing would make it seem that the solution is within reach.
> With Netscape's purchase of the videoconferencing company InSoft, White
> Pine can expect a strong challenger to hit the 'Net soon.
> Mac may be the No. 2 operating system, however there are still millions of
> users in homes and schools all around the world and any company that wants
> to become the Internet standard writes us off at its own peril.
> Kurt Wanfried, managing editor

I DO have to sympathize with you as MacIntosh's do seem to have that aura of
the "red-headed step-child" about them (I am a step-"son" with reddish hair,
myself ;)
All I can tell you is to maintain "hope"! Maybe, start your own Internet
Relay Chat (IRC) conference based on VTCs and Macs. This would DEFINITELY even
out the score!
Myself? I'm a "DOS-man"... Win95... Linux, etc... I'ld assist if I could,
but my "learning curve" graphs like a circle, with Macs ;)

Don't give up, there's someone out there who CAN help!!!
"THERE IS NO SANITY... Just organized CHAOS!!!"

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