Re: QuickCam and NT...

Mikael Kullberg (
Fri, 24 May 1996 16:14:34 +0200

At 06:59 1996-05-24 -0500, Alex Watson wrote:
>I sure wish they would make NT drivers! The only reason I boot to WFW is to
>use CUSEEME with my ISVRPRO. The main problem is that althuogh CUSEEME
>works in NT, none of the video-capture systems do.(?) But CUSEEME runs
>25-50% better/faster under Windows NT.

I spent the morning searching for info about Quickcam & NT, and so far
all I've found is promises of vaporware... The first promise from
connectix was dated December-95, and said that drivers would be
made available early -96. The last official statement from Connectix
was in their FAQ, and said that the drivers were under development and
available sometime in July. I'd be happy with a fairly functional beta
at the moment, since I can't run anything but NT without rebuilding
my machine.

>Maybe we should make our voices heard?

I sent them a message this morning. Since it's still rather early
in the US, I guess I can't expect them to reply immediately.


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