Re: Problem w/ reflector demo

Michael T. Davis (
Fri, 24 May 1996 09:50:04 -0400 (EDT)

In message <> Jonathan Day
( writes:

>Michael T. Davis wrote:
>> That was my conclusion, too. Unfortunately, neither ps nor netstat
>> provide any clue as to what is using the port. There is not another
> reflector
>> running.
>There are a number of ways of doing this, depending on what sort of system
> you're using.

My original message indicated I am running on a Digital AlphaStation
200 4/100 under Digital Unix v3.2 (Rev. 214).

>First, try telnetting to that port on your machine. That's usually a good
> indicator as to
>whether there's anything active on it.

The system doesn't allow me to telnet to the port (7648).

>Second, check the /etc/services, see if anything wants to try to use that
> port.

There's nothing assigned to port 7648 in /etc/services.

>Third, netstat -n should tell you if anything is currently using that port.

According to netstat -n, there's nothing using port 7648.

>Lastly, sweep your system with the satan security scanner and see what
> exactly is going

There's a satan sweep scheduled in a couple weeks, but given the above
information, I don't think it's going to find anything.

>(Note, these /should/ tell you what's going on. In reality, they'll only tell
> you what
>they feel like letting you know. The Unix OS is an X-File in its own right.)

(No kidding! ;-) Is there anyone else out there successfully running
the reflector demo on a similarly configured Alpha box?


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