Re: Color & Cornell Reflector??

Brian O'Shea (
Fri, 24 May 1996 16:00:45 -0400

>I have both color and b&w signals going from Enhanced Cuseeme to a SCO Unix
>machine running Cornell's v4 reflector software, but except for the local
>video, no one can see the color image. The other two machines, a pc and a
>mac, are running enhanced cuseeme too (the mac the beta version) so I would
>think they could see the images. Is this a problem with the Cornell reflector
>software? Should I be trying the White Pine or will it have the same

The Cornell reflector does not support color. If you are using a Cornell
reflector you must transmit from ECU with greyscale.

If you want color, you need a White Pine Reflector. You can download an SCO
reflector and get a 10 user demo license and try it out.


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