Re: FreeVue - CU-SeeMe

LEPINE Marc (Marc.LEPINE@SUB.Springfield.OR.US)
Fri, 24 May 1996 14:22:00 -0700 (PDT)

I found the exact opposite to be true. On my Freevue connection I actually
get some movement and a complete picture. On CUSeeMe, usually three or four
pixels never come in, and the ones that do never update because the dang
thing is so slow. Even worse with White Pine. Maybe CUSeeMe and White
Pine's only work well for those with direct Internet connections or
something. Also, I actually got audio in FreeVue and have never gotten or
sent audio through CUSeeMe.

The only major drawback to FreeVue is that everything is connected to the
FreeVue server, instead of linked by IP addresses. So, you have to log on
the server to see a list of people, and since the names change so often it's
hard to tell who's really there.


>I too have read the things here about Freevue and did try it for the
>last week. They have a good idea but the picture quality and
>dependability of the pic is bad. I think that somewhere in the
>future they may have a good system but they are way behind CU and
>White Pine.