The LIVE WIRE Cu-SeeMe charity event

Julie Cochrane (
Mon, 20 May 1996 20:14:32 -0400

Thanks to everyone in this list for their support, in helping the Live Wire
event for Breast Cancer Research make our deadline.

We are please to announce on May 26th 1996 between the times of 5pm & 11pm
(EST in North America) the LIVE WIRE cyber broadcast can be see around the
world on the following reflectors:

*primary* Dotcom Caf=E9 IP address -
*brodcasting* ISP-TV (Digex) IP address -
*brodcasting* Tung Nan College of tech. IP address -

A special thanks to these dedicated folk for all their hard work.

Please come drop by online and have some of fun for a worthy cause!

CU there!

- we would like to hook up for an hour on our private reflector with an
interested party from England and/or Australia (an Internet Caf=E9, would be
great). You would be talking to the people at our event who are from the
fashion & modeling industry - if you are out there email me and I will give
you the details.


Julie Cochrane
Executive Director, Models Online
(416) 536-1218