Re: FreeVue - CU-SeeMe

David Benjamin (
Fri, 24 May 1996 22:48:37 +0600

At 02:22 PM 5/24/96 -0700, LEPINE Marc wrote:
>I found the exact opposite to be true. On my Freevue connection I actually
>get some movement and a complete picture. On CUSeeMe, usually three or four
>pixels never come in, and the ones that do never update because the dang
>thing is so slow. Even worse with White Pine. Maybe CUSeeMe and White
>Pine's only work well for those with direct Internet connections or
>something. Also, I actually got audio in FreeVue and have never gotten or
>sent audio through CUSeeMe.

I found the same thing to be true. Freevue seems to use a nice smudgy
technique for softening image disruptions. I'm assuming its the "pixel
interpolation" mentioned on its settings panel. I was able to get quite
nice & clear images, particularly by varying the frame-rate to fit the
connection. If you're happy with 1 fps then you can be pretty much
guaranteed a nice clear picture over as low as 14.4kb. As your connection
gets faster you can increase the FPS in trade-off with image quality.

FreeVue seems to have a pile of palette bugs. Colors can go wild if you
click on the right application (for me netscape is a reliable disrupter).
Also, I found adjusting the source signal from their pulldown menus often
turned the video into reverse image.

>The only major drawback to FreeVue is that everything is connected to the
>FreeVue server, instead of linked by IP addresses. So, you have to log on
>the server to see a list of people, and since the names change so often it's
>hard to tell who's really there.

This is a drag. Late in the evening the server gets pretty overloaded and
at times will refuse entry. This seems to be because of the popularity of
the social scene. Its difficult if you just want to log on so that friends
can call you up, and your not attempting to share your "special purpose"
with the online world :-o

All the same, this is a bit of a drag, because the application is *LIGHT*
it runs just fine in the background on my win95 machine, while cu-seeme
dogs it out. grrr.

Does anyone have any idea of how FreeVue intends to make money?
(I mean, besides the videotapes)


> ----------
>>I too have read the things here about Freevue and did try it for the
>>last week. They have a good idea but the picture quality and
>>dependability of the pic is bad. I think that somewhere in the
>>future they may have a good system but they are way behind CU and
>>White Pine.