Re: FreeVue - CU-SeeMe

Schwann (
Sat, 25 May 96 12:29 EET

Dear Everyone,

living in South Africa has certain diadvantages.

i just found out from my brother in NY that America Online has not yet sent
off the SE100 video blaster card that i ordered a month ago so i told him to
cancel it, i've already waited nearly a month for delivery and i've read
that there may be some hassles with it..

i note..
Diamond Multimedia Systems describing their
latest "graphics accelerator / TV tuner / MPEG player" board (multi-functional)!
The card is called "Stealth64 Video 2201TV", check it out!!! Here's the URL:

Diamond Multimedia Systems

I figured that this new multi-functional video card would be of interest to
the CU-SeeMe community.


Can anyone tell me which card is currently the hottest and is reccommended?

i got to get this running!!!!

many thanks,


schwann budget is +- $300