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Mark Salazar (
Sat, 25 May 1996 08:46:58 -0400

Your closed windows are dead in the water. They send nothing to you =
until you open those windows. The trick to getting great reception is to =
keep as many windows closed as possible. this will open up the bandwidth =
on your machine as well as the net.=20
Here is a tip for all xmitters: try setting your transmission rate =
at min. 5 and max. 15 This will slow down your sending however, as =
others are viewing you they will notice that you are refreshing your pic =
all at once instead of being all pixelated.
hope this helps some of you,

From: Joe[]
Sent: Friday, May 24, 1996 5:03 PM
Subject: Closed Windows....

Hello All,

This may sound like a loaded newbie question but:

When you (local) have a users window closed, is the reflector still=20
sending you data from that user?? Or, is the ref just sending you the=20
data streams of the windows I have open?

It wouldnt make sense if it wasnt, because on a busy ref I only keep=20
about 4 remote windows open, hoping that this will speed up the data=20
stream of only those 4 windows. If the ref is just randomly sending the =

remote data streams, then it really wouldnt make sense to keep just 4 or =

5 windows open right??

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