Call for screen captures from around the world (again)

Bill Woodland (
Sat, 25 May 1996 15:00:49 -0500

I have set up a "United Nations under CU-SeeMe" screen capture page. The
intent is to show how the internet and programs like CU-SeeMe are helping to
bring us all together, regardless of international boundaries. If you would
like to have your picture placed on this page, please email me a screen
capture of your face (from CU-SeeMe, with the frame around it, and your name
at the top) in BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF, or Windows Clipboard (CLP) format, along
with the following information:

Email address:
Web page address:

EMAIL and Web page address are optional. The NAME and LOCATION are
required. Any pictures sent without the name and location will not be added
to the page. Also, pictures without the CU-SeeMe frame will not be added.
You may also include any other information you want listed there, within
reason, like the version of CU-SeeMe that you are using, computer
configuration, and what you use CU-SeeMe for.

If you want to remain private, then don't send me any of this, but please,
don't flame me for asking. This is not meant to invade anyone's privacy,
but to help others learn more about the world around them.

I would also love to get a postcard from you, if you could find the time.
No need to put any message on it, and don't expect a reply...I just thought
this would be a neat way to get pictures from all over the world. The
stamps might make an interesting collection, too. Choose an interesting
stamp for it :)

My postal address is:
Bill Woodland
2109 Toulouse Drive
Austin, Texas 78748

Bill Woodland (
Squeek on Undernet IRC
Channel Manager #CU-SeeMe
PC only, no MAC questions, please.