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Daniel W. Erskine (
Sun, 26 May 1996 11:18:38 -0600

Robert Hsiung wrote:
> At 8:54 AM 5/26/96, Little Joe wrote:
> >The new color Quickcam software crashes miserably with your latest Mac
> >CU-SeeMe software. I contacted Connectix and they said that the "fix" to
> >the problem is up to you, not them. Can we expect to see color software
> >compatability?
> Those Cornell people create this wonderful fantastic program, for FREE, and
> what do they get? Bitching and moaning. Jez.
> dr. bob

Greetings, one and all:
Well... in an effort to remain "constructive", I guess we can address this as
a potential hardware/software *bug*. I'm sure that Cornell and White Pine are
just becoming aware of the problems associated with this "new" product.
Also, I'm amazed at how our little "CU-SeeMe listserver" has inadvertantly
taken to "adopting" Connectix's QuickCAM products as the default (sole?) camera
for the CU-SeeMe software project. Example? Well, the QuickCAM camera *seems*
to be what the listserver majority wants White Pine & Cornell-U to gear CU-SeeMe
towards. Maybe I'm wrong, I REALLY hope I am!!!
So, when we ALL talk about "incompatabilities" about ANY video capture product,
could we ALL just realize that QuickCAMS are not the ONLY product that needs to
be acknowledged?!? Sure! If the majority of problems is with QuickCAM, then
"so be it", let's fix them!!!
Sorry if I'm "venting". I have a QuickCAM myself, but I also know that there's
others with MORE important support issues than this (i.e. - MacIntosh users with
limited sources of CU-SeeMe listserver support, support for Windows NT, etc).
Well, I think I've ordered enough "spam-to-go". I hope my message is taken
more as "constructive critisism" ( <= is this spelled right?) and without anyone
being offended.

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Hope this is taken well, by ALL;
"THERE IS NO SANITY... Just organized CHAOS!!!"

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