QU: Re: Reflector (MachTen Based)/Application GuRu

Joshua A Romandia (cyberco@calweb.com)
Sun, 26 May 1996 16:17:12 -0700 (PDT)


Does anyone know If there is a way to port the CuSeeMe Reflector Code
to MachTen 4.0 ? I am looking to get a Reflector up and running on my
MachTen 4.0 PowerPC. If anyone has additional information about how I
could do this - Please e-mail me at cyberco@calweb.com. I would be very
much appriciative. Thank You.


My Company is currently looking for somone to program an application
re: CU-SeeMe. All legal aspects have been looked upon, and approved. I
would appriciate a word back from someone expirienced with writing
applets etc... We are willing to pay top dollar and plus. Thank you.


Joshua Romandia