Re: color quickcam

Jim Hall (
Mon, 27 May 1996 06:02:21 -0400

Well shit...I don't know what to say except I'm sorry...

It was not my intention to come off as a supergod...but only to say that
I too felt a funky vibe from Little Joe's post. Maybe it was a knee jerk
reaction from when I used to be tech support technician...I don't know.
Regardless, I apologize.

As far as Darrell calling me a lurker...I gotta say I feel defensive
about that comment. I have participated on this list on a number of
occassions, particularly the "Wiretapping" issue. I'm no Bill Woodland of
the Mac world, but I have also answered several Mac related questions
when I could. The reason I haven't responded to PC related issues is
because I have more experience on the Mac side of things.

My response was an aside to say that I empathize with Cornell for having
to keep up, and never meant to rile. Your (Darrell's and Joshua's)
comments and crits are far more pointed than mine: so much so that I went
back and re-read the posts that I've made here to see if I need a serious
attitude adjustment, but also so critical as to ask myself, wait a
second...who's supressing speech here? I never told Little Joe to shut up
or to change what or how he says/feels...

>From now on, I know not to make asides or responses to moral/ethical
issues (i.e wiretapping), just the tech issues.