Re: color quickcam

Bill Woodland (
Mon, 27 May 1996 10:15:35 -0500

I have a birthday coming up next friday and I'm interested in getting the
new PC color quickcam, but there has been at least one message here saying
that it has problems with CU-SeeMe.

For any of you out there that actually HAVE a color quickcam, I'm interested
in hearing EXACTLY what problems you are having with it and CU-SeeMe.
Please be sure to specify MAC or PC, Cornell or White Pine, and the EXACT

Please reply directly to need to clutter up the list with this
info, and I'll compile the responses I get and report back to all; this
list, Cornell, and White Pine.

Thank you.

Bill Woodland (
Squeek on Undernet IRC
Channel Manager #CU-SeeMe
PC only, no MAC questions, please.