Cellular,Color Quickcam thread

elliot smith (smithe@minot.com)
Mon, 27 May 1996 12:16:50 -0500

Hi, I remember a few weeks ago someone from General Magic posted asking
about doing cu-see-me over a radio link like cellular. Well in the last
page in this latest Byte there's an article explaining the various cellular
standards in use around the world. If I may summarize the article, the US
phone companies are totally messing up in planning for future compatable
and high quality data celluar service of the type that already exists in

Regarding the Color Quickcam crashing with Cu-See-Me software, I think the
easiest type of fix would be to take the color video signal and revert it
to black and white. I don't suppose anyone has tried to use the B/W
quicakcam video drivers with the color quick cam? :-) You never know.
Also, I would urge everyone to take a look at their favorite shareware
archive. At least for Macintosh, there are some very good QuickCam video
capture utilities -- better than anything Connectix has ever come up with.
These private developers, not connectix, would be the ones I would turn to
for help with compatability problems were I rich enough to afford a color
setup :-)


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