Bill's survey

Ed (
Mon, 27 May 1996 18:02:40 -0400

>I have seen a few references here to the DEMON DIALER and it's
>incompatibility with the White Pine version of CU-SeeMe. I can understand
>the need for a dialer for the Cornell version, but...
>Why do you WANT a seperate dialer for the WP version?

I would like a button for the call. CU has a Phone Book button but to 'call'
requires two levels down. Not logical.

>Is the built in phone book inadequate?

>Do you have problems with it?

>Do you have suggestions for improvment in this area?

autoredial till connected, autorehook same connection (for ref burps),
cancel connection from phone book (yep I know what happens when you select
another IP), remember position in list from last open, sort options on
list,small notepad or info area for each IP, logging feature for MOTDs and
error msgs with view log capability within CU.

You asked, Bill. <grin>