Byte article, modem-modem??, whitesnake

elliot smith (
Mon, 27 May 1996 20:44:40 -0500

Please forgive me if this has already been posted, but I thought you all
might like to know there is another article I found in Byte that is really
interesting. It's a comprehensive review of the video conferencing
technologies availaible today, such as cu-see-me, Enhanced cu-see-me, etc..
That's the May issue of Byte. Check it out!

Now, could anyone give me information on how to make a point-to-point
modem-to-modem internet connection. You know, so you can do a video
conference without using the Internet. I already have settings files for
such a connection for Macintosh on my home page (Yes, on Macintosh it's as
easy as a double click :-) But I though I should post information for
WINDOWS users as well in case a Mac user and a Windows user ever want to

Thank you much!

Whitesnake! ha! Hey, in some cultures I sure that would be a complement
:-) Hey, it could be an improvement if it weren't for the negative
connotations of snake. I mean, when you think about it... White Pine?
Pine? As in Pine Tree? Come on, pine tree to me says SISSY. Ahh.. yes, the
majestic pine tree. That name has always bothered me. It's not exactly
like the majestic bald eagle or something. Pine tree is that thing that
sits in my yard and sheds needles and sap :-)
From: (Little Joe)
Subject: Re: color quickcam

Whitepine or Whitesnake, whatever. You are right and I am sloppy, but
thanks for the reply. Maybe I should not have asked about the color
quickcam--my question was really meant as a question, not even with the
thought of negativism. I have received about 30 replies, mostly kind, but
some who read a little too much into my benign request. Joe Cama
PGP, Francais/English