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Tue, 28 May 1996 08:59:14 -0500

27 May 96 Daniel W. Erskine wrote the following re:Re: Looking for a
good place to sta
> Check out these great home pages. They should have what you need:
> Again, these folks spent considerable time developing these pages, try them!
Sme of the great CuSeeMe pages are no longer viewable! They have a
message that you have to have a NEWER version of Netscape in order to
view them. I spent THE WHOLE HOLIDAY WEEKEND trying to download the
latest (and largest bytefyle I've ever seen) Netscape from their home
trouble enough trying to get CuSeeMe going without having to
download/install/configure a new browser! Your pages aren't that
great when people can't even view them!
ASIDE: ANYONE putting up a page might be interested in a recent SAn
Francisco study which showed that 77% of people netsurfing will NOT
return to a site overloaded with graphics that take a long time to
download.... and another 68% will NOT return to a page they cannot
view because their browser is not adequate!
CASE IN POINT: Before New Year's STROUDS APPS was a very
user-friendly website.... now you'll go to sleep (even at 28.8 )
trying to downlaod all the garbage before finding the menu that might
get you where you wnat to go!
Some of the CuSeeMe pages we bookmarked in November and returned to
this month are the same way.... too much garbage! The average joe
who jsut bought a computer and wants to get netsurfing and
videoconferencing is NOT going to bother! MEANTIME those of you
keeping your websites informative and interesting and easy to use
will reap the big rewards.... some websites now start off with the
lines "No boring graphics to download..." so when people view the
sites through SEARCH ENGINES they will automatically "target" these
user-friendly sites!!!! Make Sense?
Edward Grimaldi at LiDanNe Group