CUSM problems with system 7.5.3/O.T.?

John Ingham (
Wed, 29 May 1996 18:20:15 +0930

Hello gang!

It's been some time since I was on the list so this may have been well and
truly chewed over by now - if so my apologies to all.

However I have using on CU-SeeMe successfully for over a year with my
little Macintosh LC-1 and a Connectix Quickcamera and a 28,800 bps modem -
I couldn't *speak* though, the LC-1 didn't enough grunt for that. So
recently I upgraded to a Macintosh 7200 so that I could speak as well!

At first all was well using System 7.5.2 which came with the 7200, but in
due course I upgraded(?) to System 7.5.3. Immediately I ran into problems
with CU-SeeMe being very un-responsive when connected either via a
Reflector or Point-to-Point with another CU-SeeMe user. Clicking on a
window rarely gets a response; the incoming and outgoing video is bursty
with 5 seconds between any video updates; entering text in the Talk/Chat
window is also very bursty with long breaks between anything appearing on
the screen; incoming sound is cut up into 1 seconds slices. But if I
attempt to *speak* the whole computer freezes and will not respond to
anything but a reboot.

I should add that I am using the absolute minimum number of extensions
necessary for the job - the Quickcam extension and FreePPP for modem access
at 28,800 bps being the only ones other than the standard 7.5.3 set. I
also tried upgrading to the very latest versions of everything in the vain
hope that that might do the trick (including Enhanced CU-SeeMe from White
Pine which, according to their Read Me file, is Open Transport aware).

In desperation I have reverted to System 7.5.2 and *voila* Cu-SeeMe now
works properly. Indeed I have gone back and forth several times and the
results are consistent - CU-SeeMe works on 7.5.2 but not on 7.5.3.

Any suggestions?

John Ingham