Re: Lost Packets

Marc Lindahl (
Thu, 30 May 1996 04:12:17 -0500

>Where are these packets going? Is this an ISP problem or is it just the
>state of the net these days? Color doesn't work at all well with half
>the packets lost!

CUSM uses MBONE which uses UDP packets. These are distinguised from TCP
packets by (among other things) the property that there is no receipt
acknowledge, and no attempt by the reciever to order the packets. If your
app. level wants to try to order them great. The idea is that for audio
and video you can afford some lost data, in the name of timely arrival of
most of the data. After all they are all IP packets, and they stray. Your
TCP driver will hold the stream, waiting up to seconds for a stray packet,
even requesting a resend, just so it can deliver them all, in order.
Guaranteed to annoy a videoconferee.

Don't forget, your computer can lost packets. I noticed that when I
connect (with my ISDN, gloat gloat) to someone with a 28.8 modem, I send
too many packets for them to swallow, and most are lost, while most of the
ones they transmit are not. So it seems they're lost on the internet side
of your modem.

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