Re: Lost Packets

Alex Watson (
Thu, 30 May 1996 07:19:33 -0500 (CDT)

> I've been using White Pine 2.01 and Windows 95 on several different
> reflectors at varying times of day. When I check the packet loss window
> on various senders I'm frequently seeing packet losses of 60%, sometimes
> more. I've got a 28.8 modem and have the receive set for about 24kbs
> which is a little slower than normal connect. But this setting doesn't
> seem to make much difference.

For one, the net is getting a lot more clogged-up. Most ISP's/net providers
oversell/over-use their bandwidth, thus causing the rest of us to get
incomplete or missing packets when using CUSM. CUSM ignores incomplete

> Where are these packets going? Is this an ISP problem or is it just the
> state of the net these days? Color doesn't work at all well with half
> the packets lost!

ISDN case scenario:

The best case I've ever gotten is connecting to NASA. With my transmit
max/min at 90k/20k and receive at 300k/20k I get around 45-50k from Nasa.
Very workable video. When the lady comes over to talk about the Endeavor
mission, It goes down to about 20-25k. Then goes back up to 45-50k after
she gets done talking. This tells me that audio is not being figured
into the displayed receive values. Audio chops once every 5 secs, so
very workable audio.

This is using a 64k B channel with a Ascend Pipeline router that has
compression. It's pretty rare that I would ever get 40-50kbs from
anywhere. most of the time my throughput is as good as a 28.8k modem
when connecting to other reflectors.