Re[2]: Cuseeme video embedding on webpage
Thu, 30 May 96 09:02:35 CST

What I'm doing may be part of a solution - I'm using NV and VAT (the
net video and audio telecon tools) and talking to a reflector with NV
porting the video to port 4444 and audio going to port 3456. This has
been working ok on the video end, but the audio isn't being carried
to the CuSeeMe clients (am still trying to fugure that out). I found
that it has to be Intel DVI 32 Codec so CuSeeMe can understand it.

As far as the web is concerned one could simply tee or pipe the output
stream (be it an entire movie of the telecon or some still shots) to a
file and access/reference that for the web page....and/or do the
server-push routine too.

The part that is missing is the audio portion. We'll have to figure
out how to mix it in with the video and sync it all up. Apart from
that one could just make a mime relationship that points to a specific
telecon....point, click, fire up a telecon.

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Phil Elliott
Sr Communications Engineer
Hq Air Force Medical Support Agency
Brooks AFB, Texas

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Subject: Re: Cuseeme video embedding on webpage
Date: 5/30/96 3:15 AM

I don't know how easy it would be to get a cgi-bin to connect up with
a reflector because I don't know of anything on unix that connects to
cu-see-me. The reflectors run on unix but do the clients? Also,
invoking a client from a cgi-bin script would be kind of wasteful of

Instead you need cu-see-me running on a PC full time. It has to be
connected to a reflector. Then write a script to take a screen shot
and trim it down and ftp it to your web site or just save it on your
PC's hard disk and have a web deamon running and reference the image
from your home page.

Also I believe there was some information posted about forcing some
video conferencing software to output a pict to a file?... on the
MacScript or MacPerl list...? I'll scan my old e-mail and see what I
can come up with but no guarantees :-) No I think it was forcing the
Connectix software to do that... yeah that must have been it.

If you want a live feed as in streaming animated icon push pull just
look around for such a site (there are lots) and ask the author for
PPP setup info. for Macintosh, PWebP -- a searchable web page index
PGP, Francais/English