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Jay Shoup (
Thu, 30 May 1996 20:55:08 +5000

Place your cursor over the top of the Win95 Tool bar, click and hold
the left mouse button, Pull the tool bar down to the bottom of the
scree so that it is no longer seen in the monitor. Look in the lower
right corner , you should see the video window. grab it with the
mouse and move it to the center of the screen. Then grab ahold ohf
the win95 tool bar and raise it back to its normal state.

That should take care of it for this session.

> I can not get CuSeeme to work anymor! I closed the video window once and now I can't get it back up. When I start the program the title window comes up and the audio window but no video. I also have
> no host file that I can find and when I go to the help section, there are some sections that say there were problems with my winsock. But it worked before and I haven't changed anything except that
> ime I closed the video window. I'm running a pentium 75 with W95 and my internet service shows no ill effects. Any ideas?
> Brian Zentis
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