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Dennis J. Streveler (
Thu, 30 May 1996 22:31:02 -0700

At 06:18 PM 5/30/96 -0500, Bill Woodland wrote:
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>>Whats the command to surpress reception of my own posts to the list. I get
>>enough mail without also receiving my own posts.. Thanks in advance..
>As far as I know, there ain't one. Use the filter, or rules, or kill file
>to sort your own messages out. I use Eudora, and made another mailbox for
>my own messages to go into, and that keeps them out of my way, but also
>stores them for sending again to any one person that needs the same info.
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>PC only, no MAC questions, please.

Well I rarely endorse products, but if you are on a Mac or PC, you really
should consider Eudora Pro for your email -- simply the best email product
around. Among its many marvels is a "filter" system which can be programmed
to do all sorts of marvelous things. I use a filter to send any message
which has "unsubscribe" in the subject immediately to the trash. I also use
a filter to send any message from myself to the list to the trash (as I
already have a copy in my Out basket). Then again maybe they belong in the
trash anyway! :)


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