Dynamic Addressing

Dennis J. Streveler (strev@mobius.net)
Thu, 30 May 1996 22:31:04 -0700

At 08:15 PM 5/30/96 -0400, Louis Dupree wrote:
>How does a person connect to me? I have an IP number but the last three
>nubers change each time I log on my ISP. I would like to be able to have a
>person to person with my son. Is there a why not thru a reflector? Thank you.
>Louis J. Dupree Jr.
>3015 Englewood Dr.
>Kinston, NC 28501

Hello Louis.

What you describe is called "dynamic addressing". It is a bit of a problem
if you want to prearrange a teleconference.

One way which I deal with this problem is to prearrange to meet at a
reflector, exchange IPs (if necessary) and then connect one-to-one (or
person-to-person as you call it). Yes, 1:1 works fine, but of course one
party must have the IP address to call the other.

Hope this helps.


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