Does anyone know???

James Crittenden (
Fri, 31 May 1996 06:59:53 -0700

Dear CUSM Buddies:

I have to say that I have gotten the software working and I really do not
have any problems with the application. I have adequate audio and video
especially on one to one is very good.

The only problems that I have is that I am not able to talk to anyone. That
is frustrating due to the fact that I am able to hear very well on one to
one but when I attempt to talk nothing!! Now, I have to admit that I was
using the 16 kps option that was listed. Someone told me that I should use
the 8 bit digitalk option. Unfortunately I was not able to experiment with
anyone if this option would work on my system. My question is is the
majority of CUSM People using 8 digitalk to communicate and does this work.

Last, I have this error message:

*Network Error Protection*
Setsockopt. error

Any assistance for Bill Woodland or others would be appreciated.

Thank you.