Report on an experiment (ECU-PC and ECU-Mac)
Fri, 31 May 1996 10:14:46 -0700

On Fri, 31 May 1996 09:04:04 -0700, you wrote:

>Friday morning

I'd like to report briefly on a 1:1 3/4-hr. experiment run today by

1) Dennis Streveler in California. Using ECU-Mac-beta, Quadra 800, ISDN-64k

2) George Kasica in Wisconsin. Using ECU-Windows95, Pentium 120, T-1
Direct Connect

Some impressions:

1) Video was good. We sustained 5 fps and quality was good. Contrast
and brightness will have to be tuned on the PC side.

2) Audio was lousey. Certainly not up to "Iphone" standards. George was
using the "8.5" codec and Dennis was using the
"16" codec (the lowest bandwidth codec available on ECU-Mac). PC Side is
running a SB 16 with 95 drivers.

3) During the session we crashed four times. (Three crashes occurred
on the >PC side, one crash occurred on the Mac side when the ISDN router decided
to reset itself.)

4) Since there is no vox control on the PC, the push-to-talk caused
some difficulty. There
doesn't seem to be a way to activate the VOX capability on the ECU PC
software. Having to hit the Push To Talk button with the mouse was
VERY inconvienient.

5) The audio gain from the PC side was low. We can't seem to find a way
to increase it either. AGC was on. George did get a jaba mic that I will be
trying out in the future.

Dennis and George

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