Re: cuseeme freezes

Adam S. Goldstein (
Fri, 31 May 1996 21:31:28 -0500

At 3:51 PM 5/31/96, Dennis J. Streveler wrote:

>If I were you, i'd try bumping up the memory some more. I routinely run with
>8MB. ALso, it is possible that 68030 of yours just can't hack too much. When
>on a reflector, I'd severely limit the number of open windows.
>Also, why not download the new White Pine beta version for Mac? at
> and try it. I think you will find it improved over the Cornell
>Wish I could be more helpful.

You've been very helpful Dennis, thanks! I didn't realize there was
another version besides the Cornell version. I'll give it a shot! :)

8mb huh? Jeez... ;)


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