Re: NT initialization file, or Registry entry?

Brad Burleson (
Thu, 1 May 1997 10:15:36 -0700 (PDT)

> [...]
> I am attempting to run the NT version of CU-SEEME on a NT 4.0 SP2
> Intel PC.

So, how's that working? I was playing with the beta version and
had _terrible_ problem with dropped chat. Seemed like 90% of what
I sent got lost. Maybe it was a bad/overloaded reflector?

I went back to White Pine's version and it worked much better.

> [...]

> The initial installation went fine, and CU-SEEME worked fine
> until I changed the camera setting to use a 1/4 scale (80x60)
> image setting. Quite obviously this was a mistake,
> as CU-SEEME immediately crashed. Subsequent attempts to restart
> CU-SEEME result in an "information box" stating "Unsupported
> video capture setting".

I had the same problem, actually. Did Bill's suggested fix make
a difference? (I had a Windows95 partition at the time, and used
it to "fix" the problem. However, I've since removed Win95 from
my system).

> [...]
> I have re-installed both CU-SEEME32 and the Quick-Cam NT
> drivers, yet this condition persists.

Have you gotten the latest drivers from the Connectix site? I've
noticed that I can't set all the video parameters from NT without
hanging the box (when I choose one of the settings - the one that
controls brightness, not video size. Sorry, I don't remember which
button that was). Does this work for you under NT?

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