Linux & Cu

Brian Dowtin (
Sun, 4 May 1997 00:00:51 +0000

Roberto -
Last I checked - there wasn't a linux port (hope I'm wrong), but
there is a linux port of a program called 'nv' which is one of a
group unix programs for conferencing. 'nv' does the video part.
cu-seeme reflectors can be set up to also spit out packets for people
to use 'nv' with it. I did try it last year or so, and from my
recollection it wasn't too bad.
  Speaking of alternative OS's - I've seen two people using Cu-SeeMe 
for OS/2 - and it now apparently sends video too (earlier version had 

   PC Mall - 1-800-555-Mall has them for sale - $49 plus $7 
overnite s/h .I think its free if you go 3 day ups. 
     I ordered one thursday (for mom) - It comes in a white 
triangular box (like the retail version - but no graphics) Has a 
sticker on the side that says: QuickCam Refurbished Unit __Macintosh  
_x_ Windows 30 Day warranty on the cam. Other than that the packaging 
and stuff is the same inside as the one I bought at the store. 
  Not sure if they have mac cams or not, but I thought it was a 
pretty good deal. (Bought another one tonight.- will have the whole 
family QuickCam'ed before you know if).
    OF course, I'm in no way related or get any benefits from the PC 
Mall people, just passin' on some info.