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Sun, 04 May 1997 07:44:01 +0100

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>Last I checked - there wasn't a linux port (hope I'm wrong), but
>there is a linux port of a program called 'nv' which is one of a
>group unix programs for conferencing. 'nv' does the video part.

Well, I'll try and search it (hope into, or mirrors)!

>cu-seeme reflectors can be set up to also spit out packets for people
>to use 'nv' with it. I did try it last year or so, and from my
>recollection it wasn't too bad.

So not all reflectors can support nv?

>PC Mall - 1-800-555-Mall has them for sale - $49 plus $7
>overnite s/h .I think its free if you go 3 day ups.

Ah! I'd just need some of it! ;-)
But I'm always in doubt for expedition and payment: I never yet tried to
buy abroad by mail... Can you get me some informations?

Bye bye!

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