CU-SeeMe Sound

Chantel Gonsalves- Brown (
Mon, 05 May 1997 18:14:42 -0400


I was using CU-SeeMe today, with a direct connection.
At first neither of us could hear each other using the built-in mike ( I
have had it work in the past) so we pluged in a separate mike and check
our computer's sound to make sure it would play through the mike. Well
my friend was on ethernet, me on 28.8 I could see her fine, although
her video was a bit fuzzy. But when I went to use my mike it just
screamed!!!! It screamed really loud and then my push to talk button
got stuck, I couldn't shut off the mike without quitting CU-SeeMe. Any
ideas why my separate mike acts so weird and my built-in mike works only
when it wants to? Also if I am in a reflector that does not support
color, I have to use grey-scale but it comes in fuzzy.

Also what is the best way to have a consistant connection using 28.8
baud modem on a Mac.

Oh one more question. But my friend and are using Enhanced CU-SeeMe,
but when I checked her verion it said "Pre 64.8" instead of version
"2.0" even though the book and manuals say she has "2.0." Also I
noticed on each side of her video she had a frame of black and hot pink.

Many thanks for your help!
Chantel :-)