Ed Gregory (
Tue, 06 May 1997 00:02:09 -0500

Yet another possibility is to go for a professional remote surveillance
and monitoring system like Beyond Visual Range. Not cheap, but very powerful.
BVR is an ISDN-based, ProShare equipped system that can handle up to 18
video, 18 audio and 18 alarm inputs in its basic configuration. Takes two
boxes - a remote unit and a monitoring station - both Pentium-based.
The monitoring station is an almost-vanilla ProShare-equipped Pentium PC.
The remote unit contains a Pentium motherboard, ProShare, and the digital
It can be alarm triggered, set to dial your monitor when anything happens
that shouldn't, or you can simply maintain a connection and monitor at your
In the alarm mode, an event - door opened, window broken, motion detector
triggered or panic button pushed - triggers real-time video recording on
site and dials the monitoring unit. The monitoring unit can be used to
trigger recording and can remotely control an RS-232 equipped professional
video recorder at the camera site.

Disclaimer: A friend who has been in the domestic and commercial
surveillance business for 27 years developed and markets the BVR system.

Ed Gregory