Re: Problem with Winnov Videum & CU-SeeMe (WFW 3.1)

Dr Pepper (
Tue, 06 May 1997 07:53:49 -0700

Kirk L. Kamberg wrote:
> Can anyone give me any suggestions?
> I am running Windows for Workgroups, with Video for Windows installed.
> I am using a Videum card from Winnov & a video camera for my video
> input.
> I start up Trumpet, login to my ISP, and get my IP address. Then I edit
> my hosts file to put in the IP I just got and a nickname. Here is what I
> get when I start CU-SeeMe.
> Hmmm....there may be a problem.
> Unsupported function.
> This happens 3 times, and then it dies.
> I get a GPF error in MOVIEY.DLL @ 0003.3273.
> Any ideas? Is there anyone out there that is running CU-SeeMe with my
> setup? Thanks in advance.
> =======================


Check for other copies of the cuseeme program. OR, 2nd
copies of the movie.dll. delete the OLDEST copy.
It's not a problem with ceseeme, it's more likely a
problem in your setup.
Hope this helps.

  Dr. Pepper
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