CU-SeeMe Practice

Chantel Gonsalves- Brown (
Tue, 06 May 1997 22:17:33 -0400

Hello all

Does anyone have some time to help me get a consistant connection with
Enhanced CU-SeeMe? I am on a 28.8 modem and I know that is not the
greatest but where I live that is just about the best connection,
unfortuately I am 300 ft from getting an ISDN line and no 56k modem ISPs

I am having trouble with my free mike and the built-in mike. I would
like to connect with someone to use the sound. I am on the east coast
time zone of the USA.

If you are on now - it's great. If not can we practice some time
tomorrow Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I am a volunteer helping to
get this working for some children's hospital sites.


Many thanks
Parent Director
"Bearable Times"
The Kids' Hospital Network