different products

david eick (david-eick@uiowa.edu)
Wed, 7 May 1997 19:56:32 -0600

Hi all,

Here are a few questions from a novice; please respond to any of them. I'm
currently running Enhanced CUSeeMe with a Mac 7200/120, 32 MB RAM,
Connectix Color Quickcam. My facility is also planning to purchase soft &
hardware to videoconference in Windows 95.

1. Why do you prefer CUSeeMe to other internet videoconferencing products
on the market? I've been reading reviews, but I'd like to hear from actual
users who've experimented with other products, as well, such as Microsoft
NetMeeting, Quicktime Videoconferencing or VDOphone.

2. Would I get more fps using a good camera (any recommendations?) & a
video capture board (e.g. Bravado) than I do using a Connectix Color
Quickcam, which has the capture built in?

3. Imagine you had an unlimited budget. What would you buy in order to do
the best videoconferencing currently possible? (Goofy question, but we're
writing a grant proposal.)

4. At what rate do you consider the technology to be improving?

Thank you,
David Eick